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20 Marriage Proposal Tips

Posted March 31st, 2011 in Proposal Tips by admin

Guys…Calm down, sit down and pay close attention to these important tips about planning the perfect marriage proposal.

  1. Talk about marriage beforehand
  2. Find out what kind of engagement rings she likes (be sneaky)
  3. Get her ring size
  4. Have an engagement ring when you propose
  5. Tell her family (but not if they can’t keep it a secret)
  6. Let others help you plan the day
  7. Wait for the right moment (when you are alone)
  8. Choose a location that is special to both of you
  9. Make the proposal uniquely yours
  10. Add your creative flare, but not over the edge
  11. Prepare what you want to say
  12. Make it come from the heart
  13. Keep it a surprise
  14. Have a back-up plan
  15. Get on your knee!

5 Mistakes to avoid when proposing:

  1. No ring
  2. Proposing when the day is planned (by somebody else)
  3. Not asking the family (or asking her dad)
  4. Hiding the ring in a ridiculous place
  5. Telling her a bad reason why you’re proposing

If you get any of these steps wrong… don’t panic. Showing her that it’s coming from your heart will be far more impressive to her than any location or ring.

Have fun!

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